Ferguson | Robinson Commercial Properties

Acquisitions and Dispositions of Multi-Family

Ferguson | Robinson Commercial Properties will provide you with our services in acquiring of disposing of multi-family assets.

Using capitalization, internal rates of return, modified internal rates of return, and your, or your company's, opportunity costs or weighted average cost of capital, and with a knowledge of your goals and objectives, we can represent you in the acquisition of the appropriate property for your needs. When you are prepared to dispose of your asset, we will assist you with the valuation process and the marketing and sale of your property.

Uncertain what these terms mean and how they can guide you to the proper investment? We can quickly get you up to speed with these common methods of evaluating investments and apply them to your requirements.

We have participated in over $100 Million in acquisitions and dispositions of residential and multi-family investment properties.

Retail Leasing Expertise

Ferguson | Robinson Commercial Properties will assist you in your search for retail space and, with you, negotiate the business transaction. In addition, we can assist you with the negotiation of your lease. If you are considering purchasing or leasing alternatives, we can assist you with an analysis of your alternatives. We believe you will find that our services in the area of commercial leasing will be of particular benefit to small- and moderately-sized businesses, start-up businesses and all classes of retail clients. We have over 30 years of retail experience.

Small Business Specialists

We specialize in small businesses, individual entrepreneurs, partnerships and family-owned businesses. We can bring to the small business owner a level of representation which is often obtained only by larger corporations.

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